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About Robbie Fluid Engineering

When it comes to fluid engineering, we're there for you first – and the last to leave. From hydraulic bus tails lifts in community service buses to process and manufacturing plant, most people are not aware that there are fluid engineering applications all around us - there are so many that we have to keep and engineer, and a second support engineer as back up available at short notice, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Remember the winter of 2010? We refitted cranes and winches on a ship which arrived in port on the 18th of December and sailed on the 1st of January! We attended a gritter spreading lorry stuck in a salt silo at 1.00am, we even attended a snow plough which was itself stuck in the snow. While the main applications we deal with cover hydraulics and pneumatics (oil and air systems) we have worked on system ranging from Helium gas transfer systems to concrete pumps and a host of systems and applications in between, from grafitti removal pressure cleaning machine to gas distribution parts in a human organ incubator.

Our owner Mark Robbie is a respected and influential figure in the fluid engineering sector.

You won't hear us shouting from the rooftops about how great our products and services are. Our approach is understated, knowledgeable and authoritative.

Discover the R.F.E. Difference

Whatever fluid engineering problem you're having, we will advise on, and implement, the best solution. We've saved our clients significant amounts of money by improving reliability in their production environments. And we can do the same for you.

  • Our experience allows us to come up with creative and innovative solutions that work
  • Our expertise will add value to your business and save you money
  • You can count on us 24/7/365
  • We have the technical know-how to fix a wide range of issues quickly.

From sourcing parts other people can't, through to working round-the-clock, manufacturing bespoke fittings, extraordinary customer service sets us apart.

We're ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified and continually research and innovate to bring outstanding quality and value for money to our clients.