New Journeyman at Robbie Fluid Engineering

Thomas Casey graduated at West Lothian College in May 2014 as part of a work-based learning Modern Apprenticeship scheme while working for Robbie Fluid Engineering and completed his apprenticeship in October 2014.

21 year old Thomas left school at 16 with no clear idea of what he wanted to do. After starting on the “Get Ready for Work” training program he worked on a placement with Robbie Fluid Engineering and was successful in securing a Modern Apprenticeship with them.  Mark Robbie the director of Robbie Fluid Engineering said, “Thomas has been a huge asset to the business. He is fully committed to his work and has developed exceptional problem solving and customer service skills over his time with us.” Thomas said, “one of my proudest moments was completing my apprenticeship in April 2014.” Since then Thomas has continued his career with Robbie Fluid Engineering and has been given the opportunity to continue his development. He completed a CETOP National Fluid Power Course and is a qualified first aider.